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Takada Sho

"Ran-chan ja nee yo!"

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Takada Sho, Kishi Takayoshi, Masuda Ryo, Nakada Hiroki, Okawa Keigo, Johnny's Jr.
Takada Sho Love English fan community
高田翔ラブ 英語でジャニーズジュニア高田翔君を応援しているファンサイト

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Takada Sho

DOB: 9/14/1993
Place of Birth: Tokyo
Height: 172cm
Weight: 53kg
Blood Type: AB

Sho's self Introduction: I'm always cheerful! But since I'm a moody person, I can also suddenly become depressed! (laughs) The type of girl I like is casual and has a gentleness to her. I'm currently obsessed with reading manga. My favorite food is meat ♥ and fried pork is seriously delicious. I love dramas and someday I'd like to play the role of an antagonist. I don't have confidence in action type roles but I've read hand-to-hand fighting manga and so I've already done image training!

(According to wiki japan)

Takada Sho is an actor under JE. He is currently an ungrouped junior , is blood type AB and his birthplace/hometown is Tokyo.

From 2004 to 2007 he was a member of the Shiki Theatre Company and performed in The Lion King musical as young Simba.

From October 2007 onwards, he switched agencies, joining Johnny’s Jimusho as a junior. At around the same time, Okawa Keigo, Masuda Ryo and Nakada Hiroki also entered. At that time, he was also cast in the television drama Battery as a supporting role.

Takahata Misaki, former B.I. Shadow member under JE, was also a part of the Shiki Theater company before joining Johnny’s jimusho. He was double-cast with Sho as the role of Young Simba.

For the television drama Battery, Sho had to shave his hair.

Sho and Okawa Keigo are ramen buddies.

He looks up to Kattun’s Kamenashi Kazuya, Mis Snow Man’s Sanada Yuma and Kis-My-Ft2’s Senga Kento.


Keijiro Engawa Nikki Season 3 (2006)

Battery as Nagakura Go (2008)

Hontou ni Atta Kowai Hanashi SP as Miyamoto Kazuya (2008)

Team Batista SP: Silence of the Nightingale as Makimura Mizuto (2009)

Izakaya Moheji SP 1 as Akira (2011)

GTO as Kikuchi Yoshito (2012)

Shinryouchuu as Tanaka Shun (2013)

Izakaya Moheji SP 2 as Akira (2013)

Kamen Teacher as Imai (2013)

Tengoku no Koi as Shida Motoharu (2013)

Izakaya Moheji SP 3 as Akira (2014)

Black President as Maekawa Kenta (2014)

Specialist SP 3 as Yuken Yuu (2015)

Zeni no Sensou as Sakurada Ryuichi (2015)

Seishun Tantei Haruya: Otona no Aku wo Yurusanai! as Kubodera Kazutomi (2015)

Issencho Yen no Minoshirokin SP as Otani Teppei (2015)

Siren: Keiji X Kanojo X Kanzen Akujo as Miyake Ryosuke (2015)


Sakura, Futatabi no Kanako as Higashiyama Naoya (2013)

Bilocation as Kagami (2014)


Lion King as young Simba (2006-2007)

Boku ni Honoo no Sensha wo (2012)

Ai no Uta wo Utaou (2014)

Great Gatsby (2016)

1993 Born in Tokyo on September 14
1994 First vacation of his life: went to Okinawa
1998 Enrolls in kindergarten
2000 Enters elementary school
2003 Begins baseball
2006 Enters middle school
2007 Becomes a junior (December) Age 14
2008 Has his first appearance in magazine Myojo (March)
Battery drama airs (April)

credits also to gigabytexx for the beautiful layout and the wonderful gif, original layout by mentahelada

My translations may not be completely accurate but I hope that you guys enjoy learning about Sho as I do. Kishi Takayoshi, Masuda Ryo, Nakada Hiroki and also Okawa Keigo are under my radar of interest so there may also be translations on them.

The rules for this blog are as follows:

1. if you would like to use the translations, just ask and make sure to credit. feel free to use graphics. bonus points for redirecting back to this community.
2. enjoy yourselves
3. please do not upload the subs or the hardsubbed videos
4. feel free to post too
johnny's jr., kishi takayoshi, masuda ryo, nakada hiroki, okawa keigo, takada sho,  岸孝良,  高田翔, ジャニーズ, 仲田拡輝, 増田良, 大川慶吾